The Faith & Flames Candles Story

Welcome to Faith & Flames Candles! I am so glad you are here. I am Tai Gooden – owner and chief candlemaker of Faith & Flames.

Every venture, project, company, and creation has an origin story. I hope that sharing my journey towards creating candles will give you more clarity on what I stand for, my intentions, and how I would like to use this platform to serve others.

Faith & Flames Candles came to me at the end of 2019. I knew that I wanted to start the new decade with a new venture doing something that sparked my passion. It needed to be something that aligns with my continuous desire to uplift, inspire, and encourage others. But, at the time, I didn’t know what I could do.

Enter 2020. I was terribly sick in bed with a candle burning on my nightstand. I began to think about how I have always been attracted to candles and essential oils. I use them when I bathe/shower, clean, pray, set intentions, meditate, write, and do yoga. The smells and flicker of the flame ignite peace, calmness, and an overall respect for the power and purpose of fire. It’s an element that brings warmth in the midst of coldness yet it can destroy a building in mere minutes. A flame can illuminate a dark path and protect its bearer from an enemy. Flames represent courage and passion – two traits needed to start and maintain any venture.

Essential oils tap into our senses to bring us to a point of stasis so we can find our footing, reflect, and heal. I tap oils on my wrists, splash them on the walls of my showers, and incorporate them into relaxing baths. So, why not combine two things – flame and oils – that have deep meaning and significance in my spiritual life?

I have found a fun yet powerful new path through researching oils, testing wax and wicks, and creating in my home. It’s my greatest intention to put love, thought, and life into every candle I create. I want to continue to grow as a candlemaker and I hope that you will stick with me through that journey. I want every person who burns one in their homes to feel that energy, to find what they seek, and to hopefully radiate good things into this world.

As a Black woman in America, it is also my goal to support and uplift marginalized people. So, each month, Faith & Flames Candles will donate 10% of total profits to an organization or creative who aims to effect positive change in this world.

May everything you (and I) touch be blessed, prosperous, and pure.